More SoCal Action

I forgot to mention this one earlier. I’ve never been a fan of cream of wheat but my man Bobby in San Diego really recommend I try it at Hob Nob Hill Restaurant. He had us so convinced that all four of us ordered it.

It was SO good! Bobby was so right.

Now I’m back in Los Feliz and I had to get a shot of the “Bearded Frenchy” at Fred 62. It’s thick sliced french toast in a cornmeal crust. It’s one of my favorite things on planet Earth.

After that I headed over to Wacko to buy some books. On the walk back I got this shot of my friend Pakayla with some graffiti by Andre from Paris.

Later that afternoon Pakayla got this shot of me in front of an awesome mural by D*FACE.

Join me Saturday night at Thinkspace Gallery for the opening of Pakayla’s show with painter Jeff Ramirez. It’s a banger!

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