Some Old Graffiti and a New Interview

I painted this “GNT-AK” piece in 1990.

“GNT” is short for Giant and “AK”, Aerosol Kings, was a crew from NYC that I had just become part of. AK was started by Nic 1, a mentor to AGREE who then mentored me. It was painted in Albuquerque at a spot we called “Monolithic”. I learned how to piece there. This was one of the first pieces I did using NY thin caps or “phantoms” as we called them. We had to steal them from cans of spray adhesive we’d find at art supply stores. I used cheap K-Mart silver for the fill-in and outlined it with Krylon True Blue, a favorite combination. I used up some scrap cans of florescent paint in the background. And I think that’s the only time I’ve ever done my outline fat-to-thin like that. It’s weird. I used a “spitter cap” for the electricity effect and the tiny flare lines in the sparkle effects. I’ll explain how to make a spitter at another time. And how about those shelltoe Adidas with fat laces and the Bones t-shirt I was wearing? I had such a weird sense of style.

Now fast forward 21 years and read this interview that FATCAP just posted. Stay up!

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