My Last Day in LA

I had a great Saturday night in LA! Artshows galore! Good times. My adventure began at Rivera & Rivera Gallery. They were showing art in various mediums about Tony Ward. It wasn’t very interesting so we didn’t stay long. Then we hit Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City where my friend Pakayla Biehn was showing some new paintings.

Her paintings are amazing. She made this rad installation made of eyeglass lenses too. Very cool.

Then we walked up the street to Corey Helford Gallery where we scored some free veggie dogs! From there we drove up to Known Gallery where I ran into my man Casey, owner of the gallery and The Seventh Letter.

To graffiti writers like myself, he’s known as Eklips, a founding member of AWR, the best crew in the history of the West Coast as far as I’m concerned. He’s a legend.

In the back of the gallery, Kevin Ancell was showing a huge bomb he made from scratch in a room full graffiti. I used to work with Kevin in the mid 90s when I was working for Think Skateboards. He’s an old friend and he’s been a super influential part of the California art scene for decades.

I can’t remember who Kevin collaborated with on these walls. I loved it.

After the show I went next door to Will Rise Tattoo to hang with my man Eric Dressen and I ran into my old friend Estevan Oriol. We run into each other all over the world but Estevan brought up the fact that we’d never been in a photo together, so his wife Angel hooked us up.

I finished my evening with a Matzo Brey at Canters, one of my favorite spots in LA. Highly recommended.

On Sunday I drove back to SF without delay. It’s nice to be home. I’ll be back in LA next month…

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