Another One from Back in the Day

Here’s another old one from 1990, a “GNT” piece painted illegally during the day at Monolithic in Albuquerque.

This is one of the first walls I did where I primed the wall with latex house paint, what we called “buffing” the wall. When the city painted over our work on the street, we used the same term, as in “Yo, they buffed my piece the next fuckin’ morning!” I had a spot where I could get good quality latex paint in 5 gallon buckets for $5, but it came in only one color – tan. Ironically, it was the same paint the city used to buff all graffiti my friends and I did. I must have used 100s of gallons of it over the years.

I used Krylon spraypaint for the rest, which was considered the best paint at the time. I painted all of it with stock tips too. This was just before a dude named WIZDOM showed me good caps. I kept using stock tips for a while though because I had really gotten used to them. I still like using them.

At the end of the wall is a scroll with a shout out to some girls I met in London earlier that year. Since the beginning I’ve always written the names of the girls in my life on my pieces. They always liked it until they dug through my photos and saw that they weren’t the only girl I had hit up like that.

I can’t remember where I got the reference for that bulldog or why I thought that would be a cool character to use. It seems so weird to me now.

Also, you’ll notice the water in the foreground. I had to put plastic shopping bags around my socks then put my shoes on so I could stand in the water all afternoon. But the water sure kept the toys from tagging my shit!

More blasts from the past to come…

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