Since I got back from LA for “The Big Takeover” I’ve been moving. I had two studio apartments in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco and I moved into a one bedroom apartment near Golden Gate Park. It was a lot of work moving all my stuff, but with diligence and the help of some good friends I got it done. I didn’t have a place to draw during the move, so it felt great to get my art table set up up the new place so I could get back into the groove.

I stopped by the REBEL8 warehouse this afternoon to drop off a drawing and check in with Joshy. While I was there I had him photograph my chest so you could see how my re-done heart tattoo by Jeff Rassier came out. I got it finished yesterday.

And you know that shit hurt! But it was worth it. I love what Jeff was able to do with it. He’s done some amazing cover-ups on my friends and now he’s done the same for me. Thanks, Jeff.

After my warehouse visit this afternoon, I met my old friend Tim here for a session at the skatepark.

He’s an old friend from the graffiti and tattoo scenes. And as it turns out, we both love to skate as well. He promised to take me to some backyard pools! More on that at a later date.

Happy Halloween!

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