Happy Holidays

Hope everyone has been taking it easy and enjoying some time away from work. I’ve been drawing every day, as usual. I just don’t stop. I’ve been taking my medicine too. This week I’ve been toking Hindu Popcorn, Vanilla Kush, Amnesia Haze, Maui Wowie and Crazy Train.

I haven’t been taking photos lately, so I’m just gonna post another Oldie. This one is from Christmas 1990.

This photo was taken in Albuquerque at a place we called Monolithic. I think my buddy Agree took the photo. I was doing an “RK” piece for my homie MC Rock. I put a character from the Akira comics in the middle. I was obsessed with Akira at the time. My friends and I would take LSD and watch it over and over. I was painting with K-Mart silvers (88 cents a can back then) and stolen Krylon. My friend Doc is barely visible on the left side of the photo. He was doing a “TE” piece for his friend Tame who lived in Venice Beach, where Doc came from. The temperature was in the low 40s that afternoon. We had to keep our paint warm under our coats. I could carry about 12 cans in that jacket I was wearing. And how about those shelltoes? They even had fat laces in them. Remember what were you rocking in 1990?

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