Fall ‘12 D1

Fall ‘12 is currently selling through our authorized stockists and in our online store. Here are a few of the tees from delivery one. Click the images.

The classic, the original, Logo Tee. Now available in heather grey.

SF Vacation is one of my favorite tees we’ve ever produced. I think it took Giant a long time to draw this one up and it shows. The orange & black version bangs.

The black & white version ain’t bad either.

I’ve really been feeling a simpler approach to REBEL8. After nine years of wearing heavily illustrated tees, I have found a new appreciation for simplicity and understated graphics. The Worldwide Tee delivers perfectly.

Often Imitated, Never Duplicated is one of our main phrases this season. I think it speaks for itself. Represent REBEL8 in the Bite The Bullet Tee.

We are all truly Blessed.

That’s my arm! No seriously, Giant photoed my arm then illustrated it. He also added a snake.

A second phrase this season is Heavy Weighs The Crown.

This one is called High Noon.

All City II showcases Giant’s never-ending incredible handstyles.

All these tees and more are currently selling in our online shop and shipping worldwide.

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