Black Friday Sale


Our website will be in and out of service during our annual Black Friday Sale as the traffic we receive is expected to be in the thousands and thousands. Our techs will do their best to get the site back up and running with every crash. Please be patient, and if the site is down, try again in 60 minutes.

Please do not hit refresh or click submit on your order more than once. It will charge your card multiple times. If we do have actual duplicate orders from you in our system, we will cancel and refund all but one. You do not need to email us.

If you see multiple pending charges on your credit card, but your order did not go through and you did not receive an order number, you will not be charged. These are simply holds on the funds by your bank that will automatically be released once they finish processing (typically a few business days). Your bank may tell you it is up to us to release these funds, which is completely not true. We do not have your money and there are no funds to release. Give it a few days and these will automatically be removed from your credit card. If we do have actual duplicate orders from you in our system, we will cancel and refund all but one. You do not need to email us.

Everything we have in stock is up on the website. We do not have extras laying around the warehouse  or in a hidden box.

Items will  sell out FAST! Don’t sleep on it. If you like it, grab it. We have no plans of making any more.

All orders will be shipped as is. We cannot add to, change, or remove items from your order or combine multiple orders. All sale items are final. No exchanges/refunds.  So please order carefully.

You will get a tracking number once your order ships. If you have not received a tracking number by Monday December 3, 2012, please feel free to contact us. ALL EMAILS BEFORE December 3, 2012 will be ignored.

No, you cannot get the sale price applied to an order you placed today or the day before or the day after the sale.

No, any discount code you have will not work during the sale, nor can it be applied thereafter. They will be active after the sale.

If you still have questions about your order, please make sure to include your order number in your email and holler at us AFTER December 3, 2012.

Once again, THANK YOU for your business and support.

Happy holidays!

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