As some of you may be aware, REBEL8 is once again in a noticeable transitional phase. We haven’t had a change this big since our first move back in ‘06 from my 10×10 studio apartment on Divisadero  Street to a 1,000 square foot warehouse on 3rd. Most times, you see the finished product after months of sampling & production;  after countless subtle and sometimes drastic alterations. Only after a seasonal release do you see the progression of the brand in comparison to the previous. However, behind the scenes we are always moving and in constant shift.

Through our Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and this very blog, I try to pull back the curtain and show you the insides of the REBEL8 operation. There are no smoke & mirrors. For example, our main man Mike Giant handles the illustrations. He draws on paper with a Sharpie. That’s how it gets done. The magic is in the craft and process. We are in constant motion playing this streetwear game on an ever-changing field. I think a suitable metaphor is a surfer catching the best wave of his life.

So please bare with us as we once again go under construction. Our Spring 2013 collection will begin hitting stores in a few weeks. Spring ‘13 marks the first time we are doing two separate seasonal deliveries. The second drop lands in shops mid-March. The complete Spring ‘13 collection will be available to buy in our online store end of March. Do not expect any new products in our online store until then.

REBEL8, by far, is the best company I’ve ever created and has been the most enjoyable to not only watch but be a part of. 2013 marks our 10th year in business and with our move into a warehouse six times the size of our current space, it feels like we are starting all over again. I’m ready for the next chapter of REBEL8. And I’m glad you are still here to help write it.

Thank you.

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